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Steve Wade

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Chicago born and Texas bred, Steve’s passion for the radical inclusion of all people developed when his family first moved to Texas. Steve spent his childhood with a close circle of neighborhood friends – one of whom happened to live with a wheelchair. The limited mobility of this one friend was nothing awkward; it was simply accepted as a “fact of life.” It became natural to modify all activities to accommodate everyone present. Growing up in this environment led to Steve naturally developing a friendship with a young man from his church who was living with cognitive impairment. As their friendship developed, Steve was invited to go to summer camp with him. Once there, he made many more friends living at all points along the spectrum of ability. These remain some of his closest friends to this day.

With Ephesian 4:11-16 as a guide, Steve participates with Christ in building the Body through encouraging people of all abilities to bring what they have and watch the Lord do above and beyond what they thought possible (Mark 6:41-42). In doing so, he expectantly hopes to see an outcome similar to Philip’s visit to Samaria in Acts 8: “so there was much joy in that city” (v8). Steve has enjoyed serving in this capacity as a volunteer program director for Campus Crusade for Christ from 2005 to 2007, an interim associate pastor for a Dallas church plant in 2008, and a summer volunteer with Joni and Friends for over a decade. He currently co-leads a men’s Bible study at Fellowship Dallas and works with children and middle school youth within the church.

Since January 2018, Steve has served as President of INFINITE Digital, an interactive marketing and public relations firm with clients in 125 cities. Concurrently, Steve operates as Principal of INFINITE Digital’s sister company The Infinite Agency, a firm he helped form in 2011 with two friends. Prior to Infinite, Steve managed digital marketing efforts for a local law firm, managed sales and marketing for a small manufacturing plant, and oversaw purchasing and accounting operations for the Oklahoma City division of a Fortune 200 home builder.