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Jackie Stewart

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About 27 years ago my husband and I were invited to the home of Charlie and Aggie Johnson to meet Joni Erickson. How thrilled I was to meet this remarkable lady.  I was touched by her candor, courage and upbeat attitude in spite of her obvious challenges.

She spoke of the vision she had of opening an office in Dallas in order to minister to families in the North Texas area. She gave us her book titled “Heaven”, and signed it with a pencil in her teeth. I was so touched.  She inspired confidence in all who attended.

About 3 years later Charlie called me and spoke of Joni and Friends opening a family camp. He said “God told him that you should attend.” I knew Charlie and I knew he would continue to call. So I agreed reluctantly.

Driving to Camp Allen I was very anxious. I was questioning my decision as I had no prior experience working with disabled children. What would I say, and what could I do? But after a few days, meeting friends like Jennifer, Kimberly, Michael and Jonathan I knew Camp Allen was the place for me. I was blessed beyond measure. The courage of these children and their families humbled me. I was overwhelmed by their laughter and joyful attitudes. How could this be with all of their struggles? The abiding presence of God was evident.

That was about 19 years ago and I have been to camp every year. I find it impossible to put into words how blessed I have been and how much God has taught me about His love for all of us.

At camp I met Cheryl, and we were instant friends. It was apparent that we shared the same passion for ministry. What a wonderful camp experience we had together. After a few years Cheryl said she felt called by God to start a ministry reaching out to families with children with special needs. I jumped at the chance, thrilled to serve. I had found my purpose and my passion in the work.

From our first event I knew Victory Flows filled such an important need in the community of special needs. I have been so blessed just being a part of this amazing ministry. In the future I see bright horizons for Victory Flows. The tremendous need for this work is all around us. These families and their children must be made aware that they are an important part of the body of Jesus Christ. Victory Flows and Cheryl have answered the call and I am excited to join the team.