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Chris Schechner

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Hi! I’m Chris Schechner, a board member of Victory Flows. I am an art director, graphic designer and illustrator. I also happen to be disabled and use a wheelchair to get around. In 1971, when I was home in Michigan, I crashed into the bottom of a swimming pool during a dive and suffered a spinal cord injury. I feel that God has gifted me with an opportunity to use this situation by giving me a desire to encourage those with disabilities to achieve all they can, using the gifts that God has given them. We all have obstacles and it’s important to push ourselves to do all we can to reach beyond expectations within our limitations.

Besides my passion for encouraging people, I love to draw. Mostly, I draw cartoons, which seem to be highly populated with monsters; not scary, ugly monsters, but generally silly, lovable ones. When I’m not drawing, I’m usually reading or writing. Being creative is very important to me. Beyond that, I love spending time with people. Give me a call. I’m available for dinner most nights of the week.