Victory Flows

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The name:
VICTORY: Victory over disabilities
Victory in Jesus and His love and grace for everyone
FLOWS: Water flowing- it's therapeutic, healing and calming effect on many with disabilities.
The joy and freedom of being in water and unencumbered by the body captive to a disability
The Spirit of Christ flowing through life

Victory Flows is a vision, passion and dream for Cheryl Hood to follow God's will in her life. Blessed with a love for families and individuals affected by disabilities, it is the goal to provide Fun and Freedom to this wonderful community, all while honoring and glorifying Christ as His servants to others.

While many wonderful organizations offer support and care to those living with a disability, Victory Flows also desires to give a fun-filled day not only to those with a disability, but also blesses their siblings, parents and those significant caregivers with a day of respite.

It’s this unique and different emphasis that sets Victory Flows apart from other organizations.

Victory Flows provides “Fun and Freedom” events four to six times a year for the entire family. We provide a way for families to connect, be nurtured, and enjoy themselves. We give parents and caregivers time to rest and rejuvenate, meet others walking a similar journey, laugh, enjoy an uninterrupted meal, create, be entertained, be pampered, and be celebrated for all they are doing in their children’s lives. Siblings get the opportunity to spend time and bond with other siblings who can relate to their circumstances because they “get it”.

For our special friends, we provide the experience of fun! Each child can participate in activities like swimming, painting and bounce houses, to horseback riding and dancing. No event is complete without the fully inclusive talent show at the end of every Fun and Freedom Day. We strive to create new opportunities that break the mold on what someone living with a disability can do.

Not only does Victory Flows provide “Fun and Freedom” events, we also love to partner with other special needs organizations and design custom events to meet specific program needs.

At every Victory Flows event, trained volunteers interact one-on-one in customized activities with the person living with a disability. During this activity time, parents, caregivers and siblings enjoy a time of fun and freedom with separate activity tracks.

All of this is FREE of charge to families attending any Victory Flows event. This is made possible only through individual and corporate donations to our 501c3 (non- profit) organization.