The People

Our Volunteers:

In addition to our awesome board members featured on the home page, it is with grateful thanks to the servant's hearts of our many incredible volunteers that we are able to celebrate our families through Victory Flows programs. We are blessed to call them members of our Victory Flows family. They dedicate their time, money, and energy to serve so that our wonderful families can enjoy a day FREE of charge and full of Fun and Freedom!

If you are interested in serving at a Victory Flows event, we would be so blessed to have you! Please contact for more information.

Our Families:

The whole reason Victory Flows exists is because we saw a huge need in the disability community to serve the entire family. We may not be on the journey many of our families are living, but we care deeply and want to walk alongside them.

What makes Victory Flows different from other camps and respite programs is that we cater to the whole family: parents, siblings and caregivers, allowing them the opportunity to enjoy a different kind of day, where they are FREE from the responsibility of care. Activities are planned to allow parents/caregivers and siblings to “get away from it all”, relax, and have fun. We also encourage families getting to know each other for support and friendship after the Victory Flows event is over.

We have heard beautiful stories of many friendships formed, relationships renewed and even a regular GNO (Girls Night Out) has been going on since one of the events!

If you are a family living with an individual with a disability, we would love to serve you at a Fun and Freedom event! Please contact for info on the upcoming programs.