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Meleah Covin

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When I was first asked to volunteer with Victory Flows by my friend Cheryl, I was really not sure about it, as I had not been around those living with disabilities much in my life. But I said sure, as long as I could do the registration area. That was in February 2012. I felt it would be a stretch in my personal development. However, I quickly felt drawn to continue to volunteer as a means to serve God. I have since been blessed with new neighbors, which included a special needs young man-who coincidentally attended several Victory Flows events. This only fueled my desire to work with these special needs individuals, who bless me more than I could ever imagine. I was invited to join the board in early 2014. I see Victory Flows as the body of Christ and  feel led to support it with my time,  finances, energy, and experience as a CPA.