Our Vision

To provide a no-charge respite time for Families and Individuals living with a disability in a Christ-Centered Environment. This currently is being done with weekly Anthem Art programs at Stonebriar Church in Frisco, Fun and Freedom One-Day events, Anthem Art one-day events at other locations, and partnerships with related disability organizations.

The Bigger Vision

The dream is to build our own facility to hold monthly Fun And Freedom Weekend Events. Once that is in place, with only using it once a month, there is too much opportunity with space to not take advantage of it.

Future Plans Include Using The Space To:

Hold Inclusive Bible Study Classes
Offer Exercise, Dance And Therapy Classes For Special Needs Including:
Yoga (This Is especially wonderful for those with Cerebral Palsy and other muscle challenges)
Dance classes with Epiphany DanceArts
Ballroom Dancing (There is only state now entered In Special Olympic Ballroom Dancing and they won all the gold! Texas could co this!)

Music Lessons And Performance Area
Drama Program And Stage Area
Fitness Center With Trainers And Therapists
Sibling Programs For Parent/Caregiver Breakaway Time

Offer Training Time For Special Olympic Teams Including:

Swimming (We want our own pool!)

Offer Lifeskill Classes Including:

Arts And Crafts
Jewelry Making
Job Training