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At Victory Flows you are a star Praise, food, fun and play Ramp up time for the Fun and Freedom Day Special friends doing their things, awesome parents getting ready to relax Just a glimpse of what is waiting in Art Escape for relaxing and bonding time for parents All smiles Batter down Brandon Haug Brent Markle Cheryl introduces families Fiesta Time with Zachary Graves Introductions-Jill Burt and friends Nurse and volunteer nail tech Teresa Meeks pampering a Mom with a manicure Robin Harwell and Nelda Leist..hearts and experience with our God's incredible angels The blessings of volunteers like Ellen Dibler and her prayers Victory Flows art escape creative directress , prayer warrior, worship leader, and energy leader Debi Slaver Volunteer Ed Wise in arts and crafts with Rebekah Berry, Nora Jensen creating another masterpiece